Light Houses of Lake Havasu

Have you checked out the awesome lighthouses in Lake Havasu City?

Did you know that Lake Havasu City  is home to more lighthouses than any other city in the entire country!   

This massive collection of lighthouses was originally started for safety purposes. The Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club, a non-profit group of independent citizens dedicated to the preservation, improvement and promotion of Lake Havasu and the City, wanted to make the lake a safe place for night boating and fishing. Yet, instead of just settling on simple and mundane lighthouses that could be cheaply produced, they took pride in their development and chose to pay homage to the famous lighthouses in the U.S. by making smaller replica lighthouses. All lighthouses were built and are maintained by the folks at the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club. These fully-functional replicas of famous lighthouses make an already adventurous boating experience even more beautiful and unique.

All of the lighthouses on the west side of Lake Havasu are replicas of famous lighthouses on the West Coast, while the east side consists of East Coast replicas. The lighthouses around the island are all replicas of lighthouses from the Great Lakes. As per the coast guard’s navigational regulations, lighthouses on the west coast use a green beacon, while east coast lighthouses use a red beacon. Lighthouses with a flashing amber beacon signify safe harbor lights for emergency use only. Lighthouses are just one of the many unique and interesting attractions on Lake Havasu.